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You pick blueberries

The 2024 Blueberry season is here!
Please see below for picking information some of it is new! Also, check out our special events!

Thank you for picking with us! We hope you enjoy the farm as much as we do. 

Helpful Information

Blueberry Season is the end of June or beginning of July! Our Facebook and Instagram pages have the most up-to-date information regarding specials, events, and weather closings. If you would like to schedule a special picking event during blueberry season we'd be happy to help! Contact us!


Visiting the Blueberry Field

We have 4 varieties of blueberries- Duke, Bluecrop, Draper, and Toro. You get to choose which is the tastiest or sweetest. Think of it like wine or chocolate, each person likes a different kind. 

Our blueberries are kissed by the sun and washed by the rain. We do not spray our blueberries. We do need to take measures to have an abundant crop and make the field an enjoyable place to pick. 


We are a working farm and you are picking outside in a field. Sandals and other open shoes collect grass, sticks, wood chips, and rocks. You may see or encounter:

-beautiful blue skies 

 -bright, shining sun

-birds         -hawks  

 -deer     -wild turkey

-insects     -snakes 

-bees If you see a nest, please let us know.

Sunscreen and bug spray, if you are sensitive to bugs, are strongly suggested since you will be picking in an open field. 

Pick & Go buckets have a one time charge of $1.50/bucket. Bring the Pick & Go bucket back each time you pick and years to come! Thank you for helping us with our conservation efforts. You may bring your own container, we weigh your picked container. Sorry, we can’t adjust our scale to personal containers. 

Per pound pricing for you-pick or pre-picked blueberries are based on the current market. 

Orders gladly taken for picked blueberries. 


There is a fee for credit card charges.

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